Garden Cutting Tool Names and their Uses

Garden Cutting Tool Names and Their Uses

Do you often find yourself in a gardening bind? Perhaps you want to cut back your overgrown vegetable garden, or perhaps you just want to make some large-scale modifications. Whatever the case may be, do not fret! You’re about to discover some of the best garden cutting tool names and their uses so that you can get the most out of your gardening time.  

Most gardens have overgrown patches that need trimming. However, you can’t use the same type of cutting tool for all purposes. The best gardening tool for cutting lanky grass isn’t always the best tool for cutting other types of vegetation. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best gardening tool names that are used for cutting vegetation and grasses in your yard and garden.

Types of garden cutting tools

man with rakes Types of garden cutting tools and name

Manual cutting tools

The garden tools that we will discuss are primarily manual cutting tools. These are the common gardening tools that you use to cut through plants and grasses with your hands. They can be handheld or handheld with a longer handle (they have more leverage). 

Power cutting tools

Power cutting tools are types of manual tools that have an engine or motor inside of it. This means that they don’t require the user to exert much force in order to turn them on and operate them, which makes them easier for people who want to do larger gardening projects. 

These types of garden cutting tools include the lawn mower, hedge trimmer, and chainsaw.

The best garden cutting tools: names and uses


Gloves and shears on table- The best garden cutting tools names

Pruners are great for cutting difficult vegetation such as bamboo and large-stemmed grasses. They are designed with sharp saw teeth that can be adjusted to cut through the tough stems of plants like bamboo.

A pruner is the type of garden tool that works best when it is used on long, straight stems of plants. It is an essential gardening tool that has been around for years and is still in high demand today. 

Bypass pruners and Anvil pruners

If you need to cut through larger, thicker stems, then bypass pruners might be a better option for you. Bypass pruners have a metal blade and work more like scissors than traditional garden shears. They operate by passing two blades through one another. 

An anvil pruner has small serrated blades that help them grip onto the plant’s stem and cut it easily. Similar to a knife, anvil pruners force a blade through the plant material and onto a cutting board, or the anvil. 

Although there may not seem to be much of a difference between these instruments at first glance, there is a big difference between them.


Hedge shears and Grass shears

Shears Garden on wall Cutting Tool Names uses

Hedge shears are good at cutting through vines of all sizes, as well as leaves and reeds. This type of shears has a sharp blade which is also good for cutting through leafy vegetables such as corn, squash, and cucumbers.

Grass shears, on the other hand, are more suited to cutting tall grasses like brome or fescue. Grass shears are long-handled and have handles that are at a right angle to the blades, as opposed to pruning shears. This type of shears can be used to cut tall grasses with thicker branches without having to bend down.

There are bypass varieties of pruning tools and loppers. One blade is used to cut through the stem in opposition to a flat surface. Shears for cutting grass or hedges feature long blades and work like scissors.

For most gardeners with a hedge, a power hedge trimmer has replaced them as the most important gardening tool for them. All in all, a good pair of garden shears will be able to handle both hedge and grass shear jobs with ease.


Saw in action Garden Cutting Tool Names uses

Saws are not just for cutting lumber. There are many different types of saws that have different names but can be used for cutting all sorts of things. 

Folding saws and Bow saws

A folding saw is a type of saw that folds up into a compact size when storing or carrying. The name comes from the way it folds in half and unfolds when you need it. A bow saw is another type of saw with a very long handle, which can make cutting through dense vegetation easier than other types of tools.

Hedge trimmers

hedge trimmer Garden Cutting Tool Names uses

Hedge trimmers are the perfect tool for cutting through tall, lanky plants like ivy or bougainvillea. These tools can be shaped into different styles and shapes with a variety of purposes in mind. One of the most common hedge trimmer names is the “bluetooth hedgetrimmer” because they are able to connect wirelessly to your phone and trim at home, even if you’re not there. 

Another popular name for hedge trimmers is “lawn mower + hedge trimmer” because they both do the same thing: cut grasses and vegetation.

Lawn mowers

lawn mower Garden Cutting Tool Names uses

It is common knowledge that the scythe tool can be effective in cutting grass. One just needs to make sure the blade is long enough to cut through all of the overgrowth that you need to get rid of, and that the blades are sharpened before they’re used.

However, the motorized lawn mower is always the best option if you want to mow a large lawn and get things done quickly and efficiently.

Garden shredders

Garden shredders are some of the best names for garden tools. They are usually great for small plants vegetation like ivy, bramble, and other tough plants that have a lot of surface area. 

Shredders can be used to make quick work of stems and leaves. A shredder might be the right tool and it comes in all shapes, sizes, and designs so it’s important that you consider your needs before purchasing one.

Garden Scissors

Garden scissors Garden Cutting Tool Names uses

The best garden scissors for cutting lanky grass are called garden shears. But the most important thing about this type of scissors is their design. 

Garden shears cut from either side of your hand, which means that you can easily reach all areas of your garden without bending over or being in a precarious position. Additionally, they’re also very easy to clean, which means less time spent on maintaining them.  

Garden Knives

garden knife cut Garden Cutting Tool Names uses

A garden knife is a tool for cutting long, narrow objects like grass and vines. A garden knife has a blade on one side and a handle on the opposite side. Garden knives are often very sharp, so be sure not to get cut if you are using them to cut something else.

Other important cutting tools

scythe Garden Cutting Tool Names uses

A scythe, sickle, or soil knife is a tool for cutting vegetation and grasses in your garden or yard. There are many different ways to use a scythe, so it’s important to know what tool you need in order to cut the type of vegetation you want. 

If you want to cut dense reeds or tall grasses, the best tool for that job would be a reaping hook. If you want to make large-scale changes in your garden, such as clearing out an area, using a spade might be your best bet. If you want to cut back overgrown vegetables like tomatoes and basil without damaging the roots, then a sharpened shovel might be the better option.

If you have trouble getting your gardening hands on some good soil with strong nutrients and composting capability, then a hoe would be your best option because it can dig through thick layers of soil easily. The hoe’s blade is wide enough to scoop up dirt and chop down small trees and plants that are growing too close together.

Final Thoughts on Garden Cutting Tool Names

It is important to note that the best tool for a certain task may not always be the one with the most attractive name. In order to get the most out of your garden, it’s best to consider what type of cut you are trying to make.

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