Why I Love My Craftsman Loppers

I just got a new pair of Craftsman loppers and they are amazing! They cut through branches like a hot knife through butter! I never knew how much I needed a good pair of loppers until I got my Craftsman loppers. My work of trimming branches and cutting through tough vines and shrubs is easier and quicker.

Craftsman has been in business for over 130 years and they know a thing or two about tools. They make some of the best power loppers on the market.

What are Loppers?

Loppers are gardening tools that are essentially long-handled shears. They are used for cutting branches off of trees or shrubs, and also sometimes for trimming hedges. 

Loppers come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any gardening need. There are many different types of loppers available on the market, so it is important to choose the right tool for the job at hand. For example, bypass loppers are best for live branches, while anvil loppers are better for dead or tough branches.

One type of lopper I’ve found to be excellent is Craftsman Loppers. Let’s talk more about it.

Features of CRAFTSMAN Loppers

Craftsman loppers are some of the most popular and versatile loppers on the market. They come with a range of features, making them perfect for a wide range of tasks. 

Some of the key features that make craftsman loppers so great include their large cutting area and long handles with a comfortable grip. The large cutting area means that they can easily cut through thick branches and trees, while the comfortable grip makes them easy to use even if you have arthritis or other hand conditions.

The Different Types of CRAFTSMAN Loppers

There are many types of loppers, but all of them have one basic purpose – to cut branches and limbs. The different types of loppers include bypass loppers, anvil loppers, and shear loppers. 

Bypass Loppers

Bypass loppers are the most common type of lopper. Bypass loppers are extremely useful for pruning tree branches with diameters of 2 inches or less. They have a wide blade that is designed to cut through tough vines and shrubs. They are also easy to use because the blade is on the outside of the tool. 

A bypass lopper has one sharp edge that moves past a rather blunt jaw or hook that is intended to hold the tree branch while the sharp edge cuts through it. There are many different designs of bypass loppers, with straight, curved, and even telescoping arms to reach tall branches. They are often used when a cleaner cut is required.

Anvil Loppers

Anvil loppers are similar to bypass loppers, but they have heavier blades made out of metal. As opposed to bypass loppers, which have two jaws that slide alongside one another like scissors, anvil loppers have two jaws that close against one another. 

Anvil loppers feature a sharp blade and metal surface or pocket, that the blade crushes upon. An anvil lopper is mostly employed in situations where the cleanliness of the cut is not as crucial as removal such as a dead branch on a rose bush.

This makes them better for crushing the material that is being cut and cutting through tough dead branches. 

Shear Loppers 

Shear Loppers are designed specifically for garden use. They have a thin blade that is curved to let you cut through stems easily. They are also lightweight so you can move them around easily.

Some loppers operate using ratchet action. The ratcheting mechanism of the ratcheting lopper engages as you squeeze the grips together. The cutting blade begins to partially eat into the branch as you shut the handles.

The Best CRAFTSMAN Loppers For Your Garden

Craftsman loppers are the perfect tools for your garden. They are versatile and make quick work of cutting branches and leaves. Plus, they are built to last, so you can rely on them to get the job done quickly and easily. 

Here are my top picks of the Best Craftsman Loppers for your garden:

CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Lopper

Craftsman Loppers offer a powerful and comfortable cut with their V20 cordless loppers. With its strong motor, the Craftsman V20 Cordless Lopper makes it simple to grab and cut tree limbs. This device combines the convenience and safety of scissors with the strength and effectiveness of a chainsaw to cut branches up to 4 inches thick.

The loppers come with a 10-inch cutting width, making them perfect for trimming branches and small trees. The V20 also has an automatic brake that helps to prevent accidental amputation, and it has a soft-grip handle for increased comfort. The weight of the product is 4.31 kilograms.

Pros: A powerful 2.0 AH rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers this 20-volt electric lopper machine. The lopper has a 6-inch bar and chain with a 4-inch cutting diameter to cut through branches. It has quick scissor-like action that can cut through wood.

Cons: If you’ve never used a trimmer or chainsaw before, you might be intimidated by its size and operation. It is more complicated than the other options and thus more expensive.

Craftsman Compound Action Bypass Lopper 83719

The Craftsman Compound Action Bypass Lopper 83719 is a heavy-use lopper that is perfect for those who need an efficient way to cut wood. This lopper is designed with an action bypass system, which means that the blade will move forward even when the handle is not being squeezed, making it easier to cut through tough materials. 

The Craftsman Compound Action Bypass Lopper 83719 also has a detachable blade, so you can easily replace it if it becomes damaged.


  • The aluminium handles on this tool are lightweight and feature a comfortable grip for smooth operation.
  • The high-carbon steel cutting head is hardened to increase durability and heat-treated so you can make precise cuts
  • The 1.5″ cutting diameter suits almost any cutting and pruning job
  • The non-stick-coated blade makes it rust-resistant and helps create clean cuts.
  • Lightweight aluminium handles have grips for easy use

Pros: It has the leverage to make the cutting of tough branches easier and it comes with easily replaceable parts if damaged. This lopper’s extendable handles let you reach higher branches than standard loppers.

The compound cutting action gives you triple the cutting power of regular loppers.

Cons: Some users have found that the chain can wear down quickly on this lopper, so be sure to take care of it and keep it oiled.


The power loppers from Craftsman are very effective and the Craftsman CMCCSL621B is no exception. 

This lopper is powerful enough to handle most jobs, but it’s also easy to use thanks to its simple controls. It has a comfortable grip, so you’ll be able to work for long periods without feeling sore.


  • It has a 621cc engine that can produce a lot of cutting power.
  • A variable-speed trigger and the reverse function.
  • An automatic stop function and the guardrail system.
  • An easy-to-use lever system, which makes it easy to operate.

Pros: It is a powerful lopper that is easy to use and operate. Its automatic stop function makes it safe to use and the variable-speed trigger allows you to control the level of power that is used.

The lever system is easy to use, making it easy to operate.

Cons: Some people say that the Craftsman CMCCSL621B is a bit too powerful for some jobs. Some people find it difficult to adjust the lopper’s cutting depth.

Why I Love My Craftsman Loppers

When I first saw my Craftsman loppers, I was sceptical. But then I used them and fell in love. They are incredibly easy to use and make precise cuts. They also have a very comfortable grip, which makes them easy to use for a long period.

I also loved the easy-to-read instructions that came with the product.

In summary, I love my Craftsman loppers and would recommend them to anyone looking for a powerful and easy-to-use lopper.


Why buy a pair of Craftsman loppers?

They’re a great investment and you’ll be able to tackle any gardening project that requires loppers. Their items highlight strong cutting force and good quality.

What is the difference between loppers and pruners?

Pruners are used to prune smaller branches and stems with a width of half an inch or less such as the delicate stem of a flower. Loppers are two-handed tools used to cut medium-sized branches and stems that are too large for pruners.

What to consider when buying a Craftsman loppers?

If you’re in the market for a pair of loppers, there are a few key things to keep in mind. 

Firstly, a good pair of loppers will let you get the job done quickly and with ease.  

Secondly, they should be able to handle a variety of different types of cuts – from small branches to thicker tree limbs. 

Finally, make sure to choose loppers that have comfortable handles and an easy-to-use mechanism. With all these factors taken into account, it’s easy to see why a pair of good Craftsman loppers can be such an invaluable tool.

How do you adjust Craftsman anvil loppers?

To adjust these loppers, users need to first loosen the bolt that holds the blade in place, and then adjust the blade’s length. After making these adjustments, users should re-tighten the bolt.

Where can you buy Craftsman bypass loppers?

Because Craftsman bypass loppers are made to be durable and efficient, you can purchase them in most hardware stores and home centres. You can check the official website of CRAFTSMAN and other online stores such as Amazon and Lowes.

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