Lee Valley Garden Catalog 2022 – What you Need to Know

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If you’re looking for a new garden catalog to help you plan your next gardening project, consider the Lee Valley Garden Catalog 2021. This helpful catalog provides everything you need to know about planning and planting your garden, including a wide variety of plants and gardening supplies, and helpful tips and advice for making the most of your garden.

So if you want to start a new garden or expand your existing one then this section is for you! Read on to know more about this unique publication and how it can help you start growing greenhouses and gardens at home.

What is the Lee Valley Garden Catalog?

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The Lee Valley Garden Catalog is a catalog of plants and flowers that has been published by Lee Valley Tools since 1962. The catalog is typically updated every few years, with the last update done in 2010. This catalog contains information and images on plants and plant varieties, which serves as a guide for your gardening project.

What can you find in the Lee Valley Garden Catalog?

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Lee Valley Garden Catalog 2022
  • The catalog contains information on 55,000 plants with images of nearly 400,000 plant varieties.
  • It includes a planting guide, a care sheet, and a list of nurseries that sell the plant varieties mentioned in the catalog.
  • It includes detailed information about soil preparation and seed propagation.

There are also some helpful tips as well!

What are the best features of the Lee Valley Garden Catalog 2022?

The catalog is a really good reference for all the plant types available in the market. It has information about the plants including their height, width, and color. The images are very detailed and bright which is a great help when picking out plants to buy.

It also helps you to understand how plants grow as well as if they have any special cultivation needs like watering or fertilization requirements. You can also find out what areas of your garden they can be grown in so that you can make sure they get enough sunlight and water. 

You can also find out the minimum temperature of your region which will help you decide whether you want to grow them indoors or outdoors. This catalog provides great insight into all aspects of gardening, including pruning, pest control, and care for difficult ones like roses and orchids!

The History of the Lee Valley Garden Catalog

The Lee Valley Garden Catalog was first published in 1976. It was originally published by a company known as The Flower Shoppe which later became part of Lee Valley Tools, a leading tool distributor in the United Kingdom. From 1976 to 1982, the catalog focused mainly on seedlings and germination instructions. However, it evolved over time to include information about the plants themselves, their uses, and cultural requirements.

The catalog also includes details about gardening equipment like potting mix, garden tools, and more. Its target audience is primarily home gardeners but it has been found useful to professional horticulturists as well! 

The Contents of the Lee Valley Garden Catalog

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white flower green leaves lee valley spring garden lee valley garden catalog2022.

Garden Tools

A section dedicated to garden tools and grow apparatus is a must-read for any green thumb. The catalog has a wide range of gardening tools including watering cans, shovels, trowels, hoes, rakes, weeders, and snips. It also includes seed trays and planters – the perfect way to plant your crops indoors or outdoors.

The catalog also includes different types of planting pots that have been hand selected by the editors and have been specifically designed to suit specific plant requirements such as hydroponics or soil gardening.

Gardening Supplies

There is also a section on gardening supplies, which covers all of your gardening needs. This is divided into sections on growing and propagation, watering, fertilizing, pest control and care, flowers and ornamentals, shrubs and trees, perennial plants, annuals, and bedding plants.

Some of the most sought-after articles in the catalogue are those that can help you start a new garden or expand your existing one.

Garden Furniture

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This section of the catalogue is mainly concerned with garden furniture. This includes items like benches, planters, and garden seats. In this section, you will find a variety of products to suit different budgets and needs. The selection includes simple benches, ornate benches, metal, stone, wood, and cast iron benches. 

This section also has a wide range of planters that can be placed on your patio or decking area to give your garden a touch of greenery during the hot summer months. You will also find various types of chairs for different purposes including wooden chairs with cushions, folding chairs in metal, and seating for children’s play areas or gardening activities.

Garden Decor

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The Garden Decor section contains information on plants, flowerbeds, and garden decor that you can use to create your own garden or greenhouse.

Garden Accessories

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Garden Planner and Plant Catalogue

The catalog contains information on many plants, including those which are not common in gardens. For example, the catalog includes information on the following:

  1. 36 vegetables and herbs,
  2. 12 fruits and vegetables,
  3. 8 greenhouse plants,
  4. 18 ornamentals (plants that grow outside), and 
  5. 10 cut flowers.

The catalog also includes the following information which is important for the beginner in gardening:

  • Introduction to Gardening
  • Growing Your Own Plants
  • Planting, Protecting, and Caring for Plants
  • The Soil and Fertilizers
  • Pests and Diseases in Gardens
  • Irrigation and Water Management

What’s new for 2022

  1. Digital version of the Lee Valley Garden Catalog 2020.
  2. Update on plant variety descriptions and how to identify them. 
  3. More information on plants in the catalog.

How to Use the Lee Valley Garden Catalog

The first section of the catalog is for beginners as it provides a list of crops, how to plant them and what conditions they prefer. This section also provides information on how to maintain your plants, pests, and diseases, and even how to save seeds. 

The next section is dedicated to greenhouse gardening. It is divided into three different sections – Propagation, Maintenance, and Fertilizing. The final section contains tips for greenhouses and gardening in general.

The best part about the catalog is that it has black-and-white images of each plant along with the name of the variety. This makes it easier for you to identify plants you want to grow at home! If you are looking for new crops or varieties then this guide will be helpful!

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