The Most Important Garden Tools and Equipments You Need to Start a Garden

The Most Important Garden Tools and Equipments
The Most Important Garden Tools and Equipments You Need to Start a Garden

If you’re reading this, there’s a very high chance that you don’t have enough outdoor space for growing your own vegetables and fruits. 

Or, maybe you just want to start a vegetable garden in order to eat healthier and save money from grocery stores. Whatever the reason may be, starting a garden with little or no gardening experience is not as difficult as it seems. 

In this article, we will talk about the most essential gardening tools and equipment you will ever need when starting a garden. 

Even if you live in an apartment or flat, or in a small balcony or terrace, there is always room for planting fresh herbs and vegetables so long as it has soil and sunlight available to them.

What is Gardening?

Gardening is the process of growing plants inside or outside your environment in soil and sunlight.

There are so many different types of gardening to choose from, such as: container gardening, ornamental gardening, and organic gardening.

What You Need to Start a Garden

The Best Garden Tools and Equipments in a wheel
A collection of your best garden tools

Basically, to start a garden, you’ll need tools for digging, planting, pruning, and protecting yourself. 

If you have more space available in your garden, an irrigation system could also be set up.

And if your garden is large enough, adding some wood chips around the tree’s trunk will not only add extra nutrients into the soil but also help reduce insects like ants that could damage your plant’s leaves and fruit (or even kill it).

Types of Garden Tools and Equipments

There are many types of garden tools and equipments that you will need for your garden bed or flower bed. Let’s take a look at some of these major garden tools:

The Basic Tools

1. Shovel

Shovel Most Important Garden Tools and Equipment
Shovel The Most Important Garden Tools and Equipments

One of the most important tools to have when starting a garden is a digging shovel, simply known as a shovel. The shovel helps you dig up and prepare the soil for plants, and also helps you move sand or clay in order to improve drainage. 

2. Hoe

Hoe Garden Tools and Equipment
Hoe an important Garden Tool

The hoe is also one key tool to have in your gardening toolbox. This simple tool looks like an old-fashioned axe and it’s mainly used to break up soil, remove weeds, and turn over the soil.  

There are many different types of hoes; those with curved blades help loosen up compacted soil while those with straight blades make quick work of weeds and small plants. 

Most hoes also come with either a spike or tines on the end so they can be used as a weeding tool.You can also use it to scrape off the top layer of dirt or combine it with other tools like a spade or fork to get a finer job done.

3. Rake

Rake Garden Tools and Equipment
Rake good Garden Tools and Equipments for starters

If you have the space, an excellent tool to get started with would be a leaf rake. Rakes come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for more than just raking leaves and garden debris. 

You can use a rake to level the soil, weed out garden areas, and plant seeds into your garden so they have a better chance of growing.

4. Watering Can

Watering Can Garden Tools and Equiment.
Watering Can Garden for gardeners

When you start a garden, one other essential tool that you need is a watering can. A watering can is a simple and inexpensive tool to use. It’s made of metal and has three holes in it that are used to fill it with water and pour it on plants or individual pots. 

Watering cans come in different sizes so you will want to find one that’s easy to control. When using a watering can, always make sure that the water coming out of the spout is clean. 

Plants like dirt but they don’t like dirty water because it makes their roots rot away. So, remember to take care of your plants by making sure that the water coming out of your watering can has no impurities in it! 

One thing to consider is how much time you are able to spend watering your plants throughout the day or if you have someone who can help with this task for you.

Other basic gardening tools include pruning tools such as the pruning shears also called hand pruner or pair of pruners. This is similar to the hedge trimmer because both are used for cutting and trimming hedges. There is also the digging fork or garden fork which is used for moving and turning compost, mulch or loose soil.

The Next Level Tools

1. Wheelbarrow

Wheel Barrow Garden Tools and Equipment
Green Wheel Barrow

A wheelbarrow is one of the easiest and most versatile tools to have. It can be used for moving soil or rocks, it’s a multipurpose tool that can carry loads of different things, and it comes in many colors and designs. 

Wheelbarrows are relatively cheap, at least compared to some other garden tools, so they should definitely be on your list of must-have equipment items.

2. Garden Cart

Garden Cart Garden Tools and Equipment

Starting a garden doesn’t mean you can’t also use your garden to grow plants. A garden cart is a great way to combine gardening with cooking. 

You can start small and grow your herbs on the patio, then move that up to a bigger area as you get more familiar with how your plants will grow. These carts are also very useful when it comes to transporting produce from one place to another, which is especially important if you don’t live in an apartment building or need the space for storage. 

The best part about using this tool is that it makes gardening easy and accessible for everyone.

3. Garden Hose

Garden Hose Garden Tools and Equipment
Garden Hose

The Garden hose is a form of an irrigation system. It is a flexible hose that allows for the water to be distributed evenly and with precision. This includes watering flowers and plants, washing fruits and vegetables, and even washing your car. 

Irrigation systems allow for more precise watering of plants at different times throughout the day as opposed to simply letting the water run freely onto the ground.

Other next level tools include hori hori garden knife used for weeding, cutting roots, transplanting a small plant, removing plants and splitting perennials. 

Leaf Scoops are also used for picking up large piles of fallen leaves, grass clippings, plant trimmings, mulch, other lawn debris, trash and sharp items. 

A leaf blower is also a next-level tool that is used for cleaning a clogged lawn mower, and providing lawn care such as blowing leaves from your lawn.

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