Garden Tool Review: Electric Pruning Saw Bunnings

Cordless Pruning Saw Bunnings Electric Pruning Saw Bunnings

When it comes to pruning your garden, you have a few options. You can do it the old-fashioned way and manually cut away at the branches to get rid of them. That’s what most people would recommend. After all, when was the last time you saw someone prune their bushes by hand?

But that’s not what we recommend. Instead, why not get an electric ​pruning saw? These are so much easier than manual ones and you don’t have to worry about getting hurt or hurting anyone else with your tools. 

Electric pruning saws are obviously safer too. The only problem is finding the best one for your needs, and that is why we are putting the spotlight on a model from a premium brand like Bunnings in our new tool review today.

What is an electric pruning saw and how does it work?

An electric pruning saw is a hand tool for cutting branches, twigs, and small trees. They are called “electric” because they run on electricity.

Electric pruning saws work by using rotational movement to cut through plants. It starts with a small motor that spins the blade at high speed in one direction, which cuts through the plant as a knife would through butter. Then, the blade turns 90 degrees back to where it was before the cut and does it all over again. That’s how it works!

Brushless Electric Pruning Saw Bunnings

Electronic pruning saws can be powered by either batteries or an outlet cord.

Why use an Electric Pruning saw from Bunnings

There are many reasons why you should use an electric pruning saw from Bunnings.

For instance, the long reach of these tools makes them easier for you to reach branches that are hard to get to. This is something that is impossible when trying to do it by hand. 

Another great thing about these saws is the ease of use; they’re very easy to handle and keep in your hand with no hassle at all. 

One more reason to use this tool over a manual one is safety; they’re much safer than manual ones as they don’t have any moving parts, which means there’s nothing for you to worry about breaking off or accidentally cutting yourself on.

Another benefit of using electric pruning saws over manual ones is the amount of time it saves you when doing your maintenance work on shrubs, small branches, trees, and bushes. With a powerful one, you can easily cut through thicker branches without having to exert so much effort. 

Types of electric pruning saws from Bunnings

There are two different types of electric pruning saws – cordless and corded. The cordless ones require a battery to operate, whereas the corded ones use electricity from the power grid. When you have both options, you’ll need to weigh up which one is best for you because they have different features. Let’s take a look at what each type has to offer:

Cordless models

One advantage of a cordless model is that it’s much easier to transport around the garden. In terms of size and weight, they are also much lighter than their counterparts on the market too. 

Another benefit is that there are no cords or wires to worry about around your hands or anywhere else in your garden. 

The Ryobi One+ 18V 15cm cordless pruning saw can cut thick branches up to 65mm and is the best pruning saw to have in your garden tools.

Ryobi Garden Electric Pruning Saw Bunnings cutting tree branches

The downside of these models is that you need batteries for them to work, so keep this in mind when deciding which one is right for you. They also tend to be more expensive than their string counterparts on the market because there’s a lot more material needed for them. If you can afford the hefty price tag, then these are perfect for you!

Corded models

One advantage of using a corded pruning saw over a cordless one is that they don’t require batteries and will run on electricity from the wall socket as long as they have enough energy stored up in their motor. 

They also tend to be cheaper than their cordless counterparts on the market because all of the materials required are already in there.

Bunnings Electric Pruning Saw

The technical features of an Electric Pruning Saw from Bunnings 

An electric pruning saw is essentially a power tool that cuts away at branches as your gardeners would do. These are much easier than manual pruners, so you don’t have to worry about getting hurt with them. They can be powered by a cord or via an internal battery and they come with a variety of different blades for different purposes. You can also get ones that have cable cutters on the end, which allow you to make clean cuts inside walls without damaging them.

Ozito PXC 18V Cordless Pruning Saw

If you’re looking for an electric pruning saw bunnings, there are four main things that you should take into account: 

  1. What kind of battery does it use?
  2. How many amps does it draw?
  3. What blade length is available?
  4. What kind of cutting capabilities does it have?

How to use the Electric Pruning Saw Bunnings

To use an electric saw, you have to plug it in. That’s it! Then you just go ahead and start cutting away at your branches. They’re so easy to use! 

Ryobi Garden Pruning Saw Bunnings

For high branches consider using a pole saw. Pole saws are the perfect tool for easily trimming difficult-to-reach tree branches, hedges, and fruit trees. Some pole pruners have an extension pole that can extend up to 9.5 inches.

Corded Telescopic Pole Pruner

It’s not just the simplicity of these tools that make them great, though. Their features vary depending on what you need them for, with some being more suitable for thick branches while others are more suited for thin ones.

Some even have a safety lock-out feature that will stop the tool if it gets too close to anything like your hands or other obstacles. The switches are also ergonomically designed to make using these tools much easier and safer.

Where to Buy a Bunnings Electric Pruning Saw

When you’re looking for a new electric pruning saw, the first thing you need to do is decide which brand to go for. There are plenty of great brands out there; one of those would be Burnings. They make an excellent electric corded pruner that has a long run time and gets up to 1000 cuts from a single charge. 

This is a perfect tool for people who have limited power in their garden or want to easily move around without having wires restricting them.

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