B&Q Scarifier – Remove Dead Grass and Thatch the Easy Way

Removing dead grass and thatch from your lawn can be stressful and frustrating sometimes. If you’ve been struggling with such activities on your lawn using traditional methods, you may be interested in trying a B&Q Scarifier. 

This machine is designed to remove dead grass and thatch quickly and easily, making your lawn look and feel great.

What is the Scarifier?

The Scarifier is a machine that can quickly and easily remove dead grass and thatch from your lawn. It is a great tool for keeping your lawn looking neat and tidy, and it can also help to prevent moss growth.

How Does the Scarifier Work?

The Scarifier uses high-powered blades to remove the dead grass and thatch from your lawn. It works by spraying a strong jet of air over the grass area. This air jet causes the dead grass and thatch to be blown away, and it also helps to loosen and remove the moss and grass roots.

If you are looking for a machine that can quickly and easily remove dead grass and thatch from your lawn, the Scarifier from B&Q is a great option.

Depending on your location and the weather, the best time to scarify your lawn can change, but as a general rule, the best time is when the grass growth is at its most vigorous. Typically, this growing season occurs in the late spring or autumn.

The Benefits of Scarifying Your Lawn – B&Q Scarifier

Scarifying your lawn can be a beneficial step in keeping it looking its best. Not only will it remove any dead or damaged plants and grass, but it can also remove any built-up dirt and debris that may be clogging your lawn’s irrigation systems. 

Additionally, scarifying can help to improve water absorption and distribution of nutrients, reduce weed growth, and promote the growth of healthy grasses. 

Other benefits include

1. Scarifying your lawn will make it look healthier and lusher.

2. It will reduce the amount of grass that needs to be mowed, which saves you time and money.

3. It will help to control moss, algae, and other plant growth, which makes your lawn look cleaner and more organized.

4. It improves access to light to the grass roots.

B&Q Scarifier Options

When it comes to choosing the right scarifier for your needs, B & Q has a wide variety of models to choose from. You can find a scarifier that is perfect for removing any type of dead grass and thatch you may have during autumn or late spring.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing a scarifier include customers’ reviews, storage space, ease of use, working depth, and availability of accessory tools and spare parts such as a ball bearing and spring tines.

Some of the most popular types of B&Q scarifiers include electric, petrol-powered, and manual scarifiers. Our top picks of scarifiers from B&Q are as follows:

Magnusson 14.76″ Scarifier

The Magnusson 14.76″ Scarifier is the ideal tool for assisting you with lawn maintenance. This scarifier aerates the lawn and removes moss and thatch to create a healthy environment for your lawn.


  • The high-strength carbon steel head provides both strength and durability.
  • The extra-long grip allows for more comfortable hand positioning, reducing strain and fatigue.
  • Razor sharp edges make it easier to remove any lawn moss or thatch.
  • The adjustable head allows for custom angles based on the task or user.


  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee. 
  • It also has good customer ratings on B&Q. 
  • This scarifier is relatively cheaper with a price tag of £31 ($36.35) at B&Q.

Cons: It doesn’t work well with troubled meadow grass and requires manual strength and hard work to use.

(W)320mm Raker & Scarifier

The (W)320mm Raker & scarifier from B&Q is a versatile tool that can be used for various tasks. This tool is small, extremely maneuverable, and simple to push. It also has a lock-off safety switch to prevent unintentional start-ups.


  • Overload protection helps in prolonging the product’s working life.
  • It has a foldable handle ensuring convenient storage and easy transportation.
  • Two functions- raking and scarifying. 
  • Cutting area – 300m2.
  • Product weight – 10.35kg.
  • Propulsion type  – Hand-propelled.


  • This tool is small and extremely maneuverable, making it perfect for removing small amounts of dead grass and thatch. 
  • It also has a lock-off safety switch to prevent unintentional start-ups. 
  • It is cheaper, sold, and shipped by B&Q at £79 ($92.65).

Cons: While this tool is effective at removing dead grass and thatch, it struggles with troubling meadow grass. 

Additionally, manual strength is required to use this scarifier.

Mac Allister 2-in-1 GV1438B Rotary Raker & Scarifier

The Mac Allister GV1438B Rotary Raker and Scarifier is a two-in-one tool that is perfect for removing thatch and moss from lawns. The raker part of the tool cuts through grass and thatch, while the scarifier part removes moss and other debris.


  • Cutting width (mm) – 370 mm
  • Collection capacity (L) – 52L
  • 5 raking height settings from 3-9 mm
  • Power output – 1400 W
  • Two easy interchange accessories for the raker & scarifier included


  • It comes with 2 years Guarantee. 
  • Foldable handle for easy storage. 
  • Sold and shipped by B&Q and not by a third party, currently discounted at £20 ($23.45). (Disclaimer: Terms and Conditions apply)

Cons:  Cannot be used on difficult ground.

Hyundai 1800W Electric Lawn Scarifier / Aerator / Lawn Rake, 230V HYSC1800E

The Hyundai 1800W Electric Lawn Scarifier/Aerator/Lawn Rake, 230V HYSC1800E is a great choice for anyone looking for easy-to-operate lawn care equipment. This machine has several features that make it ideal for both residential and commercial use. 

Firstly, the 1800W motor provides enough power to scarify large areas quickly and easily. Additionally, the adjustable blades ensure that every lawn is treated evenly and appropriately. 

Finally, the ergonomic design makes this machine comfortable to use and easy to store when not in use. 

If you are looking for electric lawn care equipment that will provide quality results, the HYSC1800E should be at the top of your list.


  • The HYSC1800E Hyundai Scarifier weighs only 13.6 kg.
  • Fitted with 20 hardened steel blades
  • 5 adjustable scarifying heights
  • 380mm working width
  • Powered by mains electric 
  • Powerful 1800W motor
  • Its sturdy wheels make it particularly easy and comfortable to push around your garden.
  • The scarifier’s specially designed wide tread helps prevent damage to your lawn while you use it.
  • The handles are foldable for simple, convenient storage in your garage or shed.


  • Perfect for small to medium lawns and comfortable to push around the garden. 
  • Low maintenance and easy to use with a 3-year Hyundai home-use warranty or 1-year commercial warranty.
  • Triple functions – aeration, raking, and scarifying.

Cons:  Not suitable for very large or tough grasses.

Mac Allister MSRP1400 1400W 370mm Raker & Scarifier

With its 24 raking tines, this scarifier and raker gently comb the grass while removing moss, leaves, and thatches. The 7 scarifying blades clear the lawn and make it ready for reseeding by digging into the ground. 

The ergonomic design enables easy grip and control for even the tiniest hands. The machine is lightweight, making it easy to move around your garden.


  • Equipped with a foldable handle for easy transportation and compact storage
  • The height adjustment measurements range between 12/-9/-6/-3/0 mm
  • Cutting area 500m²
  • Product Weight: 15.2kg


  • Lightweight and easy to use, perfect for small lawns. 
  • Comfortable grip and control. 
  • Combs the grass gently, removing unwanted moss, leaves, and thatches. 
  • Has a 7-year Mac home-use warranty or a 1-year commercial warranty. 
  • Sold and shipped by B&Q at £115 ($134.87).

Cons: Not suitable for very large or tough grasses.

Hyundai 212cc Petrol Lawn Scarifier and Aerator HYSC210

The Hyundai 212cc Petrol Lawn Scarifier and Aerator HYSC210 is a great way to remove debris and dirt from your lawn. This machine has a fast speed and can handle a large area quickly. It also has easy-to-use controls, so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

The low-maintenance Hyundai HYSC210 petrol-powered scarifier is intended for aerating your lawn to improve drainage and grass growth while also guarding against waterlogging and disease.


  • 18 hardened steel blades are designed to get rid of moss, thatch, and dead grass down to the roots.
  • Working width of 400mm is ideal for small to medium-sized lawns.
  • 212cc 4-stroke OHV petrol engine from Hyundai: Allows for simple starting while consuming little fuel.
  • Adjustable height from +15mm to -15mm.
  • Wide-tread tires: It is simple to move around your lawn.
  • Large grass catcher bag (45L) that captures moss, grass, and weeds as you go for easy cleanup.


  • 3 years Hyundai platinum warranty provides peace of mind. 
  • You can also pay in installments on B&Q through its partnership with PayPal.
  • Ideal for maintaining a healthy lawn.

Cons: It doesn’t have a long warranty, so you might need to replace it sooner than you would like.

Bosch Power for all UniversalVerticut 1100 320mm Corded Raker & Scarifier

The Bosch Power for all UniversalVerticut 1100 320mm Corded Raker & scarifier is perfect for raking, scarifying, and aerating domestic lawns. This garden tool has a cutting width of 320mm and a working width of 380mm. 

The Bosch Power for all UniversalVerticut 1100 320mm Corded Raker & scarifier has 18 hardened steel blades that are designed to get rid of moss, thatch, and dead grass down to the roots. It also has wide-tread tires that make it simple to move around your lawn. 

Lastly, it comes with a large grass catcher bag that captures moss, grass, and weeds as you go for easy cleanup.


  • The combination of a powerful 1100-watt motor and carbon steel blades allow for fast and effective vertical cutting without stalling the tool.
  • The “Jet-Collect System” with special airflow inlets collects unwanted moss and thatch from the lawn quickly and efficiently.
  • The large 50-liter collection box saves time on emptying.
  • The practical application of the double folding handles and stackable collection box makes this product fold to only 40cm in height, making it easy to store.
  • For ground cutting, moss/thatch removal, and leaf collection, there are four operating height settings.


  • It is not shipped by a third party but sold and shipped by B&Q. 
  • It is a top-quality tool made with German engineering.  
  • It saves time on emptying and is very easy to store.

Cons: The Bosch Power for all UniversalVerticut 1100 320mm Corded Raker & Scarifier is a bit more expensive than some of the competition. It is priced at £236 ($276.79) at B&Q.

How to Use a Lawn Scarifier

Before You Start

  1. Before scarifying the grass, remember to mow it, fertilize it, and over-seed any sparse spots that may appear.
  2. Make sure the battery is charged or the lawn scarifier is plugged in or there is enough fuel in the tank.
  3. Choose the correct height for the blade to achieve the best results.
  4. Scarification is best carried out during a dry day when the lawn is a little moist, not too wet or too dry.
  5. The maximum scarifying depth should be 3mm.
  6. Select the correct speed for your lawn scarifier.
  7. Watch for obstacles while cutting and be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  8. When using a scarifier, always keep an eye on the blades and use proper safety equipment when operating one.
  9. Always wear safety goggles and a dust mask while using a lawn scarifier.
  10. Don’t forget to read the manual and safety precautions that come with the scarifier from B&Q.


If you are struggling to remove dead grass and thatch from your lawn using traditional methods, the B&Q Scarifier may be the answer for you. Scarifiers, also known as tillers, aerators, rotavators, or cultivators, prepare the soil for planting. 

These scarifiers are made by top manufacturers, so you know you’re in good hands. B&Q sells items that suit every size and style of your garden on their website, available in a variety of cutting widths and collection capacities giving you plenty of value for your money.

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